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With a track record of 3350% profit in just 6 months!

Get Real-Time Updates on Cryptocurrency Trends Using our Cutting-Edge Algorithm… Without Sitting In Front Of Your Computer 24/7

Technical Analysis of charts can often feel like grinding nails on a chalkboard, and requires you pay constant, 24/7 attention to the charts.

With CryptoSig, we take all the tediousness of TA away from you.

Here’s how:

Our custom-made algorithm detects trade setups with a high probability of profit.

We do manual TA on the signals to make sure they aren’t a false positive or a bad signal.

You get the signal to buy/sell. Simply type it into your favorite exchange.

And that’s it! The setup plays out, and you cash out.

You’ll receive around 3 to 5 signals daily* that you can use to make high-probability trades. Simply wait for the notification, place the trade, and it’s done!

Exclusive CryptoSig Member Perks:


88% Profitable Signals

Of the 623 signals we’ve sent out, 549 have been profitable so far - and they’ve outweighed the losing trades by 1,873%!


24/7 Expert Trading Community

Get answers to all your trading questions, and talk with some of the top trading pros in the world, 24/7!


Custom Coin Requests

Don’t see signals on your favorite coin? Message us and we’ll take a look - then let you know if it’s a buy, a hodl, or a sell!


Cure For ICO-Madness!

Our community comes with a dedicated channel for ICO’s - making it easy to skip all the scams and jump in on the best ICO’s coming up!


Your Own Expert Team Of Crypto Analysts

Finally get some sleep, reduce stress, and know that you’re maximizing your profits - in just 10 minutes per day. Our expert team does all the work for you!


Beginner Friendly

Never trade cryptos before? No problem! You don’t need any knowledge of trading - we’ll teach you everything you need to know to get started!

Join An Expert Community Of Traders

No more uncertainty. No more trying to figure out where a chart will go, comparing it to 5 different Technical Analysis books. No more unanswered questions.

With CryptoSig, if you don’t know something, or are unsure about a chart - you can ask some of the expert traders in the community for an answer. No matter what time it is, even if it’s the middle of the night.

With CryptoSig, you’ll have a helping hand to guide you towards profitable trades, and making sure you grow as a trader.

Many members feel this is just as valuable as the signals themselves, if not even more so!

How CryptoSig Maximizes Your Gains

We don’t just analyze charts. We also take into account current market trends, breaking news for the cryptocurrency, and more - combined with our uniquely developed algorithm to find those high probability trades. All that is backed by advanced technical analysis, including trend lines/support lines/resistance lines, and much more.

Does our system work? Consider this, and decide for yourself:

Since we started in July of 2017, we have been able to make over 3350% in profit from our closed signals! All you had to do is buy/sell when we told you too.

Plus, instead of losing money by hodling coins for too long… we find quick profit making opportunities and use them to help you compound your gains again and again!

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  • Expert Level Crypto Analysis

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  • How Do You Determine Which Coins to Buy?

    Inside of CryptoSig, we have a requests section where you can request ANY coin to be added to our watch list. Once a coin is in our watch list and we feel it's a good buy, you’ll be getting a signal.

  • How Many Signals Do You Post Per Day?

    We only post signals when we’re 100% confident of the trade. *This means that if the market as a whole is in a down trend, we may not post at all. Other days when the market is performing better, we may post 4-5 in a day.

  • How Do We Know When to Get Out of a Trade?

    We send a suggested selling point out with all of our signals. We usually suggest setting your sell order at oraroundthat price. We also provide the immediate support and resistance levels, but NOT a stop loss. If a trade starts to go bad, we will provide an update at that time.

    Also, we send out all of our signals in a very specific format, it is:Signal # [RISK LEVEL] Coin/Market (Exchange): Buy Value -> Sell Target Value (% Gain Goal) link to coin on exchange

  • How Are the Signals Delivered?

    We have a private slack group with a very active community of crypto traders. We have a main signal channel, a requests channel, technical and fundamental analysis channels, a news channel and a general chat where you can interact with the rest of the community.